brownie cookies

brownie cookiesi wanted to bake something new and also take it to work with me to indulge my colleagues. since they are handy to transport i though either cookies or muffins. and who got the best recipes for that? my favorite baking author cynthia barcomi. i immediatly found something in cookies, even 3 recipes looked irresistible. since it felt like i was baking constantly anyways (saturday bread for a friend, sunday bread for me), i decided to actually make 2 batches of cookies. you simply can’t say no to brownie cookies and the refrigerator oaties (recipe next week) just looked delish as well.

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juice detox

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plum custard pastries

plum custard pastrieswhen i was scorlling through my instagram feed yesterday, i saw zimtkeks & apfeltarte post about plum custard pastries. i like the idea so much, that i immediatly went to the kitchen and made them myself. i was looking for something quick that i could bake and i still had plums that needed to be used. so perfect! the pastries are made super quickly, the custard can be prepared the day before (actually a great idea to add cinnamon), than just put everything in the muffin forms and done. i only changed the recipe from andrea (yes that’s her name too 🙂 ) a bit: i worked some cinnamon sugar into the puff pastry – i think i saw jamie oliver doing this once. i does add a little something extra.

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pan baked polenta

polenta dishsomehow i am not cooking that much in the last couple of weeks (thank goodness i’m still baking though) and especially during the week my diet leaves a lot to be desired. i want to eat something proper, but usually i don’t have time or rather the desire to cook is missing. which leads to me being upset with myself, since i also got so many wonderful things in my head that i want to cook. however every once in a while i run through phases like these and it will change eventually. at least i made this baked polenta pan. i wanted to make something with polenta for a while, so this came a long nicely. i didn’t use to be a fan of polenta, though not sure why, i can’t remember ever having eaten it. but ever since i made it once as a side for a chicken breast, i am hooked. here it is the star of the dish. the baked polenta pan is ready in max 30 min and 10 of them it is in the oven – really a quick dish, even if you don’t have time 😉 the tomatoes and zucchini are roasted in the oven and thus unfurl their full aroma – wonderful! the feta and parsley oil give it a tangy taste and round out the whole dish.

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tartufoi love to give presents that i made in my own kitchen. so for my mums’ birthday i didn’t only make a banana cake but also tartufo al cioccolato as a sweet treat. these small chocolate treats are typically served with eg an espresso in italy. it could be that 2-3 of the small cubes with hazelnuts make their way into my mouth 😉 the handy thing ist, that you only have to pour the tartufo mixture into a form and after its set you only have to cut it into bite-sized pieces and sprinkle them with cocao powder. so contrary to truffles there is no rolling of ganache and covering everything in cocoa or the like. that makes it a whole lot less sticky and quicker. but with the same great taste! this way you can whip up quickly a little something that brings joy to someone.

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sweet waffles

chocolate wafflewhat’s better than to start the weekend with a nice breakfast? about a year ago i bought a waffle iron, but haven’t used it that much. although a waffle dough is made quickly and uncomplicatedly and you can vary it to your whim. on the saturday of the long weekend i was in the mood for some waffles and thankfully i usually have all ingredients at home that one needs for baking etc. so there was nothing standing in the way of this spontaneous craving. i made the basic dough, divided it and added cocoa to half of it. chocolate just always has to make an appearance 🙂 for an even more chocolatey waffle add some chocolate splitters. however you can also pimp the basic dough with e.g. cinnamon, cardamom, finely grated ginger, small pieces of fruits (mango, apple, pear, peach,…) or experiment with the various smoothie powders. as a topping i had a simple raspberry sauce and blueberries. also a hit is some chocolate spread, nutell, strawberry sauce, caramel spread, passion fruit curd, raspberry curd, different kinds of fruit, whipped cream or whatever else you feel like. waffle are also the perfect item for a brunch with friends – everyone can make their personal favorite (dough and topping alike). just prepare some small bowls with different ingredients and toppings and start heating up that waffle iron.

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plum chocolate crumble muffins

plum chocolate crumble muffin of course one has to bake with the amazing summer fruits. to me it seems like i haven’t tried anything new in a while. since i still had quite some plums at home from making dumplings, it had to be something with these sweet, violet fruits. i’ve been tempted by this recipe for plum chocolate crumble muffins for a bit now, so there wasn’t really much to ponder (i saw it in one of my many cooking magazines). perfect also that you don’t need any kitchen machines only a wooden spoon. i think it has something quite calming making everything using your own hands.

the first bite of the muffin just sent me over the moon. chocolate with nuts, plums and crunchy crumbles with a hint of cinnamon – i could have eaten them all straight away.

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