christmas cookies – chocolate cookies with hazelnut

chocolate cookies with hazelnut  another novelty for my cookie plate this year: crumbly chocolate cookies with hazelnut. together with the ginger kisses they were the most laborious cookies. however since the other cookies (cinnamon scroll cookies, chai cookies, …) were only cut from a roll, it is easy to say something requires more effort. anyways they still were rather easy to prepare – roll balls, press hazelnut into it and decorate with some chocolate and hazelnut brittle (in one step with the ginger kisses). the cookies are very crumbly due to the grounded nuts in the dough. the chocolate on top gives it something luscious.

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christmas cookies – ginger kisses

ginger kisses only 3 more weeks until christmas and then a couple more days until the new year! i have no idea where the time has gone this year. so much happened, i’ve seen and experienced so much and the quite time of the year snuck up on me. for that one definitely needs christmas cookies. i love to prepare a plate of all my christmas cookies, sip a hot (chai) cocoa, chai latter or tea and snuggle up on the couch when there is snow outside and it is freezing. this year a made a variety of new cookies and love them all. every year the same christmas cookies is boring, so one has to change it up a bit. today i’m posting the recipe for ginger kisser. i loved that they looked like they have snow on them.

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christmas cookies – cinnamon scroll cookies

cinnamon scroll cookies wow time flys and christmas is around the corner, unbelievable! of course christmas cookies are a must for the festive season. like every year, end of november i kind of lock myself in the kitchen for 1-2 days and bake all cookies at once. this year additionally to my favorites chai cookies and florentines, i baked 5 new kinds of christmas cookies. of course you can find a variety of different christmas cookies on the blog, so everyone should find something to their liking. first i am sharing this recipe for cinnamon scroll cookies with you. every since i’ve been to stockholm two years ago, i can’t pass up a cinnamon scroll. although they don’t contain any chocolate, i’ve fallen for this pastry. so you can imagine how delighted i was seeing this recipe. to get the typical cookie crunch and so they keep longer (hahaha), they are based on shortcrust and just like their eponym are filled with a cinnamon sugar mixture. the smell in my kitchen – heavenly!!

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brownie bites

brownie bites before christmas season starts in earnest, you get one more brownie recipe. for my usual brownies i rely on my standard recipe, because it is just so moist and just how i like it. but for variations some other ideas are allowed and you can find a few on the blog already. usually i don’t bake with sweets (why not?), but it as a grandiose idea. i’ve like toffifee every since i was little and although i don’t eat giotto that often, they are still pretty good. topping off one of these small brownies they just make my day. the mini muffins disappear in one bite in your mouth – it could be that one has to devour more than one. since they are so small and handy, they are perfect for bringing them to a (pre) xmas party or just to the office, much to the delight of your co-workers. rightly anticipating, i made a double batch. astoundingly they didn’t eat all of them, but the colleagues in our main office couldn’t resist the next day 🙂

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one pot tortellini

one pot tortellinisince it usually has to be a quick meal during the weak, because i just make it home in time and shortly have to leave to teach yoga again, one pot pasta or in this case one pot tortellini is my go to. simply put everything in a pot, turn on the heat and 10-15 min later lunch/dinner is ready. in the meantime i can change and maybe get some other things done and i make it to yoga on a satisfied stomach. my all time favorit is my vegetarian one pot pasta a la carbonara. for this version you can of course use any kind of tortellini you like (i use spinach ricotta since it goes well with almost everything) and any kind of cream cheese flavor. also a good way to use up leftovers like half empty cream cheese packages.

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nutella bun

nutella bun since i still had most of last week of, i had plenty of time to ease in again after my short new york trip. i also had time to work on my every growing pile of cooking magazines and cook books. that’s when i kind of tripped over the recipe for a nutella bun. if it’s about chocolate and more so nutella, it is really hard for me to say no. since i wanted to bake bread the next day anyways, i decided to make use of the heat of the oven 😉 besides in austria we had a public holiday – all souls. traditionally an all souls bun is baked then. as i heard on the ready this custom stems from ages ago when widows have been burnt with the dead bodies of their husbands. at some point, thankfully!, they changed that to only burning the cut off pleated bun of the women. which then later was substituted by a baked bun out of a yeast dough. an since all souls is all about thinking of the departed, we bake this bun in austria. it alone is already pretty good, but filled with nutella (or any other chocolate nut spread) it is simply irresistible. you can also fill it with cinnamon sugar, a cream of cream cheese mixed with pureed raspberries or whatever else you feel like. Continue reading

refrigerator oaties

refrigerator oatiesas promised last week, today you get the secon cookie recipe from my baking session (after the amazing brownie cookies). also these are from the book cookies by cynthy barcomi. as stated many times i love her books. they are right up my alley and i could make every recipe from it. most of them are quick and easy (although not helping you with your weight goals 😉 ), as is this one. the name obviously stems from the fact that the dough needs to rest in the fridge over night. so plan ahead. since these are oat cookies, one might be able to convince oneself that you’re eating something healthy 😉 the muscovado sugar adds an amazing aromain combination with lemon. if you haven’t baked with muscovado sugar before, you have to! the taste is something else entirely, slightly malty, not so sweet, with depth. besides it helps the cookies to get nicely gooey.

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