sweet waffles

chocolate wafflewhat’s better than to start the weekend with a nice breakfast? about a year ago i bought a waffle iron, but haven’t used it that much. although a waffle dough is made quickly and uncomplicatedly and you can vary it to your whim. on the saturday of the long weekend i was in the mood for some waffles and thankfully i usually have all ingredients at home that one needs for baking etc. so there was nothing standing in the way of this spontaneous craving. i made the basic dough, divided it and added cocoa to half of it. chocolate just always has to make an appearance 🙂 for an even more chocolatey waffle add some chocolate splitters. however you can also pimp the basic dough with e.g. cinnamon, cardamom, finely grated ginger, small pieces of fruits (mango, apple, pear, peach,…) or experiment with the various smoothie powders. as a topping i had a simple raspberry sauce and blueberries. also a hit is some chocolate spread, nutell, strawberry sauce, caramel spread, passion fruit curd, raspberry curd, different kinds of fruit, whipped cream or whatever else you feel like. waffle are also the perfect item for a brunch with friends – everyone can make their personal favorite (dough and topping alike). just prepare some small bowls with different ingredients and toppings and start heating up that waffle iron.

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plum chocolate crumble muffins

plum chocolate crumble muffin of course one has to bake with the amazing summer fruits. to me it seems like i haven’t tried anything new in a while. since i still had quite some plums at home from making dumplings, it had to be something with these sweet, violet fruits. i’ve been tempted by this recipe for plum chocolate crumble muffins for a bit now, so there wasn’t really much to ponder (i saw it in one of my many cooking magazines). perfect also that you don’t need any kitchen machines only a wooden spoon. i think it has something quite calming making everything using your own hands.

the first bite of the muffin just sent me over the moon. chocolate with nuts, plums and crunchy crumbles with a hint of cinnamon – i could have eaten them all straight away.

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austrian apricot dumplings

apricot dumplings in a lot of countries it is quite unusual to eat something sweet as a main dish. as an austrian you are used to it from your early childhood on and so apricot dumplings are a common staple. i remember quite vividly the fluffy dumplings my grandma made, traditionally with a piece of sugar in the center. accompanied by a glass of milk. there are some rather good frozen options out there, however it is so easy and quick to make fruit dumplings yourself you don’t have to use these convenience products.

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puff pastry twists with ham

puff pastry twists with hamlast saturday i finally attended the lichterfest at the alte donau. for those of you who don’t know what that is: the alte donau (old danube) then is full of boats, all lighted in some way with candles and such and when it’s dark there are also fireworks. we were a bigger group, had 4 paddleboats a where busy paddling around beforehand. of course that makes everyone quite hungra and everyone brought something along picknick-style. my contribution where onion jam rolls, meat balls with tzatziki and puff pastry twists with ham. the latter are easy to make in a bigger quantity and for vegetarians just make them with cheese and herbs (i wouldn’t use tomato paste in this case). they are similar to the pizza spirals but still different. i made 2 portions (so 2 rolls of puff pastry) – they were gone in the blink of an eye 🙂 they are also a hit at every party and totally easy. you can also use mustard instead of tomato paste (wouldn’t use herbs here, since in my opinion they don’t go well with mustard).

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refreshing cold cucumber soup

cold cucumber soup

in this heat it is quite arduous to use the oven, it is much nicer and refreshing to eat something cooling. that’s why i am sending this cool cucumber soup into the running as my 2nd recipe for the “twist & shakecompetition of tupperware (my peach mint coconut shake has been picked)

cucumbers mainly consist of water, so they deliver the needed liquids we need on hot days like today. combined with cooling yoghurt (dill and garlic of course have to make an appearance as well) it is the perfect little snack or with feta and some roasted bread a light summer lunch. when using the speedy boy and shake it, the cold cucumber soup is made in minutes – without using any electronic devices.

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peach mint coconut shake

peach mint coconut shake

the other day i was invited to a nice dinner event by tupperware. i’ve known their products my whole life, basically having grown up with them and you can find a variety of their containers, bowls, etc in my kitchen. that’s why i just had to confirm my participation and was very excited about that evening. it had the motto “twist & shake” – the combination of their products speedy boy and shake it. there was a station with 2 easy, quick recipes for everyone with which you could test the power duo in real life conditions. it really was a cheerful and relaxed evening. my enthusiasm for tupperware did rise again (and no i’m not getting paid by them). the products are simple but very well designed with a lot of attention to detail e.g. the cap for the opening in the lid of the shake it is designed so that any contents that might have collected in it while shaking will drop back into the container without spilling anything. astonishingly you still only can buy tupperware at a designated party, there is no online shop or mail order. this is quite a novelty in our digital ager. hmm who knows maybe i’ll throw a tupperparty soon 😉

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