chocolate raspberry tarte

chocolate raspberry tarteon saturday a good friend invited to her birthday party. and how else should it be, i baked her something of course. she said, she would like something with fruits and eg really liked my raspberry cheese cake brownies. after some thinking i decided to make this raspberry chocolate tarte. i still had some fresh shortcrust dough from tante fanny (from an awesome food photography workshop a bit ago), so i knew it will definitely be a tarte. since it’s hard for me to bake something without chocolate, i thought i just fill it with the ganache that i usually make raspberry chocolate truffels out of. due to the acid of the raspberries it really doesn’t taste that heavy and they add incredible flavor to the chocolate. i did want to garnish the tarte with some fresh raspberries, but forgot to buy them. since it was a public holiday no store was open. so just imagine them on top 😉 the tarte was gone within 5 minutes. so i think it was ok 🙂

unfortunately i couldn’t make pictures of the ready tarte at home, since i couldn’t lift the tarte from the form by myself and at the party it was too quickly gone.

ingridients shortcrust (or 400 g package fresh shortcrust dough from tante fanny)

ingredients and instructions see ricotta lemon tarte

und zubereitung siehe zitronen ricotta tarte

ingridients ganache

  • 550 g chocolagte (milk or dark)
  • 400 g frozen raspberries
  • 200 ml heavy cream
  • 40 g sugar
  • 60 g soft butter

instructions for ganache see chocolate raspberry truffles

baking paper cross shortcrust blind bakingif you, like me, don’t have a tarte forme with a removable bottom, prepare 3 about 8 cm wide stripes of baking paper. put them cross wise in the buttered and floured form. this way you easily can lift the crust out of the form.

when the shortcrust ist completely cooled, pour in the hot ganache. put in fridge for at least 2 hours, so it can set. maybe garnish with some raspberries and enjoy.

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