about me

my 3 biggest passions are surfing, yoga and cooking. and that all around the globe. granted i’ve only been surfing in bali so far, but i’ve been practicing yoga for a month in an ashram in india, in bali and here in vienna. whenever i’m travelling one goal is to do a cooking class in every country i visit. that’s how i got authentic recipes from thailand, vietnam, china and india.

ever since i’ve been a little girl, i loved spending time in the kitchen. therefore my passion for baking was born early on. over the years it grew and grew and also extended to cooking. i love to experiment – recipes are an inspiration to create new dishes for me or  my own version of classics. most of my recipes contain chocolate. therefore for all those who watch their weight: be careful, that will be difficult. i try to balance that with healthy mains – which i sometimes succeed at 😉

if you want to read something about my travels check lost in asia and oceania it was a while ago, but maybe you’re getting inspired to do some travels on your own.

since i am so enthusiastic and positive about yoga, i now made it my job. so in my “real” life i am a yoga teacher, which fortunately combines well with my cooking and baking passion. for more info about my yoga classes check out my website here & now

i’m living in vienna since 2007 and just love this city! i’m constantly suprised what this city has to offer. i often go on an expedition to also get to know the city off the beaten track and fall in love with vienna even more. a few of my favorite cafés are listed in my links. there you can often find me, with a good cup of tea, piece of cake and a book.

for questions, wishes, feedback and cooperations write me an email surfingthekitchen@hotmail.com

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