surfing the kitchen exists since november 2012. originally established as a pure recipe blog with the main focus on baking, the offering is now much more widespread and also covers cooking recipes from all over the world.

through my network in the austrian foodblogger community invitations to foodblogger events became more and more and also the opportunities to test products. therefore i also present products in the food area to my readers or report from events (mainly in the german version of the blog).

the target audience of my blog are people between 20 – 60 years with an affinity for uncomplicated, quick cooking and baking from all over the world.

i personally try to use seasonal organic products and to waste as little as possible i.e. reducing my waste and utilize leftovers. you also won’t find any convenience products (except tomato sauce), because it is important to my to eat food without artificial ingredients.

advertising opportunities

if your product fits into the philosophy of my blog, there are several types of advertising opportunities / cooperations with surfing the kitchen:

  • reports about events
  • partnerships
  • product tests (foodstuffs, kitchen utensils, books, innovations of all kind (food/kitchen related), etc.)
  • competitions/give-aways
  • articles

if you are interested in any of the above or have another interesting offer please contact me via surfingthekitchen [@]

i reserve the right to communicate my honest personal opionion about products to my readers.

previous cooperations

you can find posts about these cooperations here and here

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