refreshing cold cucumber soup

cold cucumber soup

in this heat it is quite arduous to use the oven, it is much nicer and refreshing to eat something cooling. that’s why i am sending this cool cucumber soup into the running as my 2nd recipe for the “twist & shakecompetition of tupperware (my peach mint coconut shake has been picked)

cucumbers mainly consist of water, so they deliver the needed liquids we need on hot days like today. combined with cooling yoghurt (dill and garlic of course have to make an appearance as well) it is the perfect little snack or with feta and some roasted bread a light summer lunch. when using the speedy boy and shake it, the cold cucumber soup is made in minutes – without using any electronic devices.

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paprika tomato tarte

paprika tomaten tartein summer you want to spend as less time as possible in the hot kitchen, but still have something delicious to eat. this tarte doesn’t take long, tastes hot and cold and is rather light (besides the puff pastry). it’s perfect when you’re expecting guests. just prepare and when the guests arrive put it in the oven or make it ahead of time and serve it cold eg. as an appetizer with a cool drink.

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fall indulgences – creamy potato soup

potato soupnow that the days are getting shorter and colder again, we at least need something warming to eat. best some stews or hearty soups. normally i am not such a soup fan, but even i like a creamy potato or pumpkin soup from time to time. since i’ve got some time at the moment, i finally am able to cook all the different dishes that have been on my list for a while. soup might not sound very exciting, but if you make it right i can be a main dish. of course there are a thousand different varieties how you can make potato soup. one likes it clear, the other thick and creamy. i am one of the latter and here is my version.

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party snack – sausage roll

sausage rollswhen i was in new zealand a few years ago, i was introduced to sausage rolls and fell in love with them. a pretty typical australian and kiwi snack, but also pretty high in calories and fat. but that’s what makes them taste soooo yummy 🙂 essentially very similar to our “würstchen im schlafrock” (literally: sausage in a nightgown). i think the english variation is finer, since you make the filling yourself and therefore you can forgo the sausage skin.

it’s the perfect snack for partys, your guests will snap them up just like that. and they are so quick to prepare. if time is running really low, instead of preparing the filling yourself, buy your favorite sausages (raw) and squeeze the meat out of the skin and place it on the puff pastry. you can also prepare them well in advance or even freeze them (before they go into the oven, brush with egg after you defrosted them). this way you always have something up your sleeve in case there is a spur of the moment party. just serve with a couple of dipping sauces e.g. tomato chutney, curry ketchup (just add some curry powder to ketchup), mustard, tzatziki (grate a cucumber, salt in order to dehydrate, set aside for a bit and squeeze out water. mix with greek yoghurt, crushed garlic, dill and maybe some salt).

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spanish tapas – albondigas

albondigasisn’t lovely to spend a nice summer night outdoors in your garden or on your balcony, eat a bite here and there, have a good glass of wine and a conversation with your best friend. what better than some spanish tapas or italian antipasti? south europeans just know their business when it comes to good, uncomplicated food. as to not spend too much time in the kitchen in the evening, you prepare some simple, small dishes like albondigas (meat balls with tomato sauce). i love them and always wanted to make them myself. you can also freeze the dish in small portions once it’s cooked – that way you always have a snack handy for surprise guests.

for everyone who doesn’t know what tapas are – those are small dishes that are served in spanish bars. usually you order several different ones. they come along in all different varieties like patatas braves (roasted potatoe cubes with a spice red sauce), dates rolled in ham, seafood skewers, gazpacho …

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indonesian favorites (pt 1) – rujak

the other day i had the good fortune to get indonesian cooking lessons from putu (the chef and house manager of my dear friend rob).

putuusually indonesian is not one of my favourite cuisines, i prefer thai or vietnamese dishes. but putu was able to make at least some dishes tasty for me 🙂


since putu, just like me, doesn’t really follow recipes, but rather just follows her instincts, there might not be quantities in the recipes or are just a general indication.

the first recipe is an appetizer – rujak. this is a simple salad with a delicious dressing made out of tamarind. this can easily be prepared in large quantities for a party.

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perfect party snack – pizza spirals

when you have people over, preparing food shouldn’t be occupying you much – it should be fast and easy. of course you want to spend time having good conversations and not being in the kitchen all day or night. these pizza spirals are the perfect snack for that. you can prepare the filling beforehand (even if needed the day before), than just put it into the puff pastry and in the oven. smells deliciously and there are plenty of varities you can make.

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