juice detox

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my favorite bali hangouts

fresh young coconutbali is practically my second home, having spent almost 1,5 years there since 2010. it is always a pleasure going back, i really feels like coming home. since my last visit it already has been 2 years, so a surf and yoga trip was long overdure. through facebook and instagram i pretty much kept up to date with developments in bali, but even that couldn’t prepare me for what was waiting for me. there are traffic jams on end, in place where there barely used to be any traffic at all and tons of new restaurants, cafes and guest houses opened up. the big hotels thankfully still are far away from canggu, but even a starbucks made its way there. don’t get me wrong it is still beautiful there and the new eateries are mostly extremely awesome, however it is kind of alarming to see how much tourism is taking over.

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homemade milk kefir (sponsored)

milk kefira while ago is was asked if i wanted to try to make kefir & co myself and tell you about it. since i always try everything at least once, i was in. a short while later i received the package with the starter sets. i am practically a milk kid and always have been drinking cocoa, so i first tried the milk kefir. but first some facts, so you get an idea what kefir actually is.

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prosciutto di san daniele und grana padano (sponsored)

prosciutto di san daniele & grana padanowhen the postman rings, in a foodblogger home it usually means there will be something tasty to eat 🙂 this time i got samples of prosciutto di san daniele and grana padano since i have been to italy a lot with my parents when i was younger, i’ve known these products for a long time. i really love prosciutto and buy it regularly. but it has to be cut extremely thin, if the slices are too thick, the cured ham tastes different and i don’t like it anymore. very thin it practically melts in your mouth and unfolds its smoky aroma.

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christmas presents

who doesn’t like getting nice, homemade presents for christmas? for me it is especially awesome, since i can use my passion for cooking and baking. so win-win for both sides 🙂

if you want to give your loved ones something special for body and mind, you could do so with a gift voucher for a private yoga class with me (in vienna, classes can also be taught in english). the christmas special until 21.12.2014 is: voucher for 1 private yoga class (60 minutes) for € 50 instead of € 60. for more information about me, contact details and my style of teaching please visit my website here & now – yoga.

here & now yoga gutschein deutsch ansichtfor inspirations what you could pack into a home made gift basket, check out the following (a recipe for a chocolate nougat spread will follow shortly).

presents from the kitchencaramelized almonds and pumpkin seeds seasoning mix for tomato sauce raspberry balsamic vinegar mango chutney DSC01139 winterly apple pear jamlentil currymüsli 2 gingerbread brownie mix flavored olive oil parika and curry almonds raspberry curd cold weather tea

my new (yoga) website

Andrea-Eder-here-&-now-yogatoday i have to do a little self-promotion 🙂

i recently started teaching yoga fulltime and made my passion my career. i chose the moniker “here & now” because yoga symbolizes a way to the here and now for me. most of the time we get side-tracked from the important things. we tend to reminisce about the past and live in the future. unfortunately we can’t change what already happened, or know what will happen tomorrow or even in one hour. we can only affect the here and now and live our life consciously.

yoga helps me to stay focused on the present and ground my thoughts in the here and now. i want to share this awareness in my classes.

my classes are heartfelt, playful while also challenging with a focus on alignment and personal development. to combine the physical aspect of yoga (asanas) with individual growth is something that’s close to my heart. the experiences of the asana practice and a better understanding of your body support the process of finding yourself, to be in balance with yourself.

affected by my teacher trainings and my own practice I teach hatha yoga in the anusara style.

i offer open classes, beginner courses, private classes and business yoga. For more information check my website here & now – yoga

currently there are following open/drop in classes (for updates please check my facebook page)

sternwartestraße 17/L2, 1180 vienna (follow signs to YogaInn) – € 16 per class, € 140 for 10 class pass
– tuesday, 18:00 – 19:30, open level (in english)

mollardgasse 34, 1060 vienna (Ananya, prices according to studio website)
– monday, 9:30 – 11:00, L2 – advanced
– thursday, 9:30 – 11:00, L2 – advanced
– friday, 17:00 – 18:30, L1 – beginners

so if you now can’t wait to try yoga or have friends that always wanted to give it a go, just contact me at info@hereandnow.at or drop by one of my classes!


merry christmas

merry christmasi wish you all a merry christmas and a nice, relaxing time with your loved ones. enjoy the holidays and days off! thanks, for stopping by this last year. i hope that also in the future my blog inspires you to try new things 😉

if you’re looking for a last minute present or you want to give vouchers but they should be a bit out of the ordinary try this: bake cookies e.g. shortbread, cut out big hearts or whatever shape you like and with chocolate, sugar glacing etc. write your message on it.