corn fritters

corn fritters when i posted the recipe for cumin tumeric chicken i promised you also the recipe for the corn fritters. they are a perfect side dish to this chicken dish, but can also stand their own as a main or maybe as a small snack.

i think they were yummy, but i have to admit that i like my indonesian version – jagung – better. might be that they are tastier due to the pureed onions and garlic. however what i like about this version is the addition of polenta. it makes them heartier. just try for yourselfes and let me know which one you like better ๐Ÿ™‚

best serve them with some guacamole, sour cream or a salsa (e.g. mango tomatoes)

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pumpkin bread

pumpkin breadyou know it is fall when pumpkins start appearing at markets and supermarkets. okay, that is already the case since a while, but i didn’t have time to make anything with pumpkin until now. thankfully my grandma has a wide variety (organic!) of hokkaido, butternut and other pumpkins in her garden. i still prefer hokkaido, for once you don’t have to peel it and it doesn’t taste as sweet like eg butternut. pumpkin is a versatile thing which you can just simply bake in the oven with some herbs, or served mixed with other veggies as a side or the main star, classically of course as pumpkin soup, gnocchi, risotto, in a strudel, a stew or as caramelized pumpkin seeds as a snack – the possibilities are enourmous.

so far i haven’t baked with pumpkin, that’s why this recipe for pumpkin bread came along just at the right time. the bread is slightly sweet, reminds me a bit of brioche. that’s why it’s perfect for breakfast either just with butter or also with buttery salty caramel, peanutbutter or honey. i was especially happy with the consistency of the pumpkin bread: it was super fluffy, soft with a crispy crust.

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austrian favorites – bread dumplings

bread dumplingsno matter if you eat them with roasted pork, goulash, with a mushroom sauce or just fried with eggs, bread dumplings are essential in austrian cousine. also i grew up with them and i love them. i’ve got the recipe from my mum and she got it from some other relative, so you could say it’s a family recipe ๐Ÿ˜‰ what i love about this one in particular are the onions. they give this special flavor and make the dumplings all the more savory.

this recipe has been lying in my draft folder for quite some time now (about 2 years). finally there is nothing else pushing it aside and it gets to see the light ๐Ÿ™‚

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perfect for bbq season – tomato butter

grilled baguette with tomato butteri don’t know how it is for you, but a bbq without some scrumptous bread is just not the real deal. on the one hand i like a ciabatta with sundried tomatoes but also a baguette with some herb butter. when i was making the savory palmiers the other day, i made some more of the tomato pesto (without the cheese) and just mixed it with butter. so easy, but oh so tasty. of course you can also season the butter with herbs, curry, paprika or whatever else you think of. i form the butter into a string, wrap it in cling wrap and place it in the freezer. that way it keeps quite a while and you always have some on stock. every once in a while i even just toast a piece of bread and spread it with this butter. so also a perfect snack ๐Ÿ™‚

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onion jam

onion jambefore i headed to bali (which seems like a lifetime ago), i had to use up all the perishable goods in my kitchen. seems like i didn’t really think when i was doing my grocery shopping, becuase i had 1 kg of onions and i asked myself: what am i going to do with them? i checked my books for making preserves & co, but didn’t find anything i liked. only when i checked a presents from my kitchen book, i found this recipe for onion jam that met my eye. as usual, rather simple and adjustable for your own taste. you can eg. substitute other onion typs (shallots, red onions), other vinegars (apple, white or red wine vinegar), use red instead of white wine, or add different spices. since i also had some red onioins, i made 2 versions of this onion jam. the one with white onions tasted sweet, but still savory. the one with red onions (i used red wine) had a more intense taste. both goes nicely with eg grilled meat or also cheese or as a filling for pastry (you’ll find the recipe here soon).

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presents from the kitchen – apple onion & curry lard

apple onion curry lardsince i had mostly sweet things for my gift baskets this year, i was happy when i found this recipe in an austrian cooking magazine. so lard is quite common in austria, especially in the mountainous areas, just in case you’re wondering why i would ever make lard ๐Ÿ˜‰ when i was reading the ingredients i was a bit sceptical: out of 90 g bacon i should yield 500 g lard?? it can’t let out that much fat. so to be on the save side i bought 200 g bacon. which was good. after 20 min of roasting there finally was some liquid fat collecting in the pot, but that was instantly soaked up from the apples and onions. it smelled yummy, but to spread crunchy bacon, apples and onions on a bread wasn’t really what i was going for. so i made a quick run to the supermarket and bought 500 g of pure lard. i just put that into the pot with the rest, let it melt und then filled it into glasses. and voilรก i actually had flavoured lard ๐Ÿ™‚ you can of course try it with paprika, pears,… pretty sure that tastes good as well. Continue reading

lime curd

lime curd5 o’clock tea in england is a must. traditionally it is served with finger sandwiches (with cucumber but also salmon and other things), sweets in mini edition and scones with clotted cream and jam or lemon curd. the other day i had so many limes that i didn’t know what to do with them, i read this recipe for lime curd. curd in general is similar to jam (and also used like it) i.e. the fruits are boiled with sugar, but then for curd you add egg and butter. this gives it a very creamy texture and also only keeps for 2-4 weeks. just spread it on a good slice of bread, on scones, use it as a filling for tartes or as a topping for cheese cake. you can make curd out of a variety of fruits, here is also a recipe for raspberry curd (my favorit). Continue reading

presents from the kitchen – winterly apple pear jam

winterly apple pear jamย ย  since i discovered making jam in the sommer, i also wanted to do something for the gift baskets. and what better suited for this season than a concoction out of pear and apple. a perfect combination of these two fruits with cinnamon, vanilla and some rum. you gonna love getting up in the morning with the prospect of a bread with this jam ๐Ÿ˜‰

note: i usually use gelling sugar 2:1, but use a bit less sugar. for me the fruits are generally sweet enough. the jam won’t be as gel like as usually though.
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presents from the kitchen – seasoning mix for tomato sauce

seasoning mix for tomato sauceeveryone got their own recipe for tomato sauce – sometimes tricky sometimes easy. with this seasoning mix you have a delicious sauce in no time. especially people that are always busy will be delighted about this present. in this mix there are a lot of herbs and other seasonings, you don’t need much more and voilรก the sauce is ready. best to write the recipe for fixing the sauce on a card and attach it to the mix. Continue reading

presents from the kitchen – mango chutney

mango chutney

since i am a big find of indian food (although i barely ever cook it) a mango chutney has to be in my stock. a while ago i attended an ayurvedic cooking class. i didn’t really like it that much (after a long and tedious theory lesson we were left to our own devices with some recipes. not exactly what i’m looking for in a cooking course), but the recipe for the mango chutney was quite alright.

indian chutneys are like jam but with a lot of spices. you can find them with fruits and vegetables alike. usually they are eaten with curries, rice or as a dip for papadums.

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