enjoy cooking/baking!

vegetarian and/or vegan

    rujak   jagung

tempeh manisbreakfast wrap

plum dumplings



seasoning mix for tomato saucepotato soup

savory wild garlic croissants

avocado feta pastasweet cous cous baked zucchini

blissballs  paprika tomaten tarte  kürbis feta risotto

chocolatey chiacocopudding

chocolate crumbleavocado chocolate ice cream

grilled baguette with tomato butterfluffy onion jam scrolls  zucchini dill fritters

savory galetteshakshukaupside down fig tarte


pumpkin breadmillet patties with pumpkin and zucchini  one pot pasta

wild garlic waffle

savory muffinscorn fritters

apricot dumplingspumpkin feta muffinscold cucumber soup





mango cherry coconut smoothie





exotic coconut shakehot chocolate with coconutsummery smoothie

mango spinach smoothiewatermelon energizer    coconut shake

milk kefir chai hot chocolate kombucha stoffwechselkick smoothie peach mint coconut shake


water kefir







       gnocchi asian style

lentil curryaustrian stir fry

sauce bolognese



plum dumplings


seasoning mix for tomato sauce


avocado feta pastabaked zucchini

paprika tomaten tarte




pasta con le polpette"reisfleisch" (austrian dish with rice and meat)  kürbis feta risotto

past al ragu savory scones  coconut chickpea curry

potato goulashzucchini dill fritterssavory galette



millet patties with pumpkin and zucchiniroasted chickenone pot pasta




goulash with sausage and potatoes

pulled chicken tacoscorn fritters

empanadaspasta with creamy saucecumin turmeric chicken

apricot dumplings chicken sweet and sour herb quiche

polenta dishone pot tortellini





parika and curry almonds  pizzaschnecken sausage rolls

chocolate puddingcaramelized almonds and pumpkin seeds  pesto sticks with prosciutto

seasoned nutssavory muffins  savory wild garlic croissants

horseradish cream cheese crackersblissballs  muesli bar


chocolate puddigsavory scones  buttered bread slices


chocolatey chiacocopuddingpalmiers with tomatoes and herbs  fluffy onion jam scrolls

pumpkin breadmini corn dogs savory pastries with ham

pumpkin feta muffins fruity overnight oats puff pastry twists with ham

side dishes

indonesian sambalciabatta with sundried tomatoestomatoe chutney


mango chutney  strawberry syruponion jam

grilled baguette with tomato butterbread dumplings  pumpkin bread

cold cucumber soup




presents from the kitchen

flavored olive oil  raspberry curd    lentil curry

gingerbread brownie mixparika and curry almonds   DSC00633

berry jam

presents from the kitchen  chocolate confectionary

mango chutney

seasoning mix for tomato sauce

caramelized almonds and pumpkin seeds

winterly apple pear jam raspberry balsamic vinegar egg liqueur cake pops

chocolate raspberry truffles as present  lime curd

kirsch schokomarmeladestrawberry syrupzutaten schoko nougat aufstrich




brittle truffles apple onion curry lard

turronbuttered bread slicespistachio toffee




peanut fudgewinterly pralines

passion fruit pralines




almond honey pralines pineapple coconut pralinesstrawberry yoghurt pralines

egg liqueur pralines





oriental pestococonut chocolate truffles energy balls

black and white coconut chocolate hazelnut chocolate with lovehomemade-bounty



granola tarte au citronchocolate toffee shortbread

choco tartelett

pink lemon squaresblack sticky rice

nectarine tarte  strawberry pie  peach coconut ice cream

butter shortbread  plum cake with nut crumbles  raspberry chocolate cake

chocolate chip cookies  plum strudel  plum dumplings

raspberry cream cheese brownies oatmeal chocolate cookies chocolate pudding

nutella cheese cake 2  hugo cheese cake  chocolate panna cotta with raspberries

chocolate confectionary chocolate raspberry truffle  lime curd

no bake cheese cake with lime curd  egg liqueur cake pops egg liqueur muffins

raspberry brownie  sweet cous cous  chocolate cream with strawberries

cherry chocolate polenta muffins  cherry crumble blissballs

cherry tiramisu  lemon ricotta tarte

plum chocolate cake  sponge cake with jam  raffaelo cake

banana cake  muesli barchocolate raspberry tarte

chocolate puddigpeanut square peanut fudge


winterly pralinespassion fruit tiramisuraspberry chocolate cookies


greek yoghurt with exotic sauce and nuts

chocolate crumblechocolatey chiacocopudding

raspberry coconut crumble  banoffeekokoscreme mit mango

donuts variation    curd pockets with apple-rhubarb and apple-pecan-chocolatechia pudding with rhubarbraspberry muesli with chocolate and joghurt

buttery salty caramelpeanutbutter brownies raw

strawberry mascarpone ice cream with chocolate

avocado chocolate ice cream


rhubarb coconut cake passion fruit ice cream blueberry ice cream double cheesecake with chocolate and caramel

blue berry and peach galette  upside down fig tarte

chocolate nut bundt cakepancakes with lemon mascarpone    double chocolate muffins    cinnamon rollspassion fruit pralines

chocolaty sponge cake oreo cheesecake cupcakespineapple coconut pralines

strawberry panna cotta with chocolate saucealmond honey pralinesraspberry mascarpone knots


classic austrian marble cake peaches and cream stuffed french toaststrawberry yoghurt pralines

egg liqueur pralinescoconut oatmeal cookies

chocolate swirl cheesecake bar chocolate cupcakes chokladbollar swedish chocolate balls

 small strawberry chocolate oreo tarte blueberry chocolate dessert

muesli muffins   double chocolate muffins

nut pastryhomemade-bounty cookie-dough-browniemango-triflechocolate apple cakefruity overnight oatscheesecake crumble muffinsbrownie bitessummerly granolachocolate waffleapricot dumplingsplum chocolate crumble muffin   plum custard pastriestartufo

nutella bun refrigerator oaties brownie cookies


christmas cookies

    nut cookies

chocolate triangles   florentines  toffee cookies

rum truffles  nut kisses  nut macaroons almost ready

decorating with chocolate  nut squares  chocolate sugar cookies

marbeled black and white cookies  peanut square  gingerbread rum truffles

chocolate shortbread chai cookies  

nut squareschocolate walnut cookies vanilla nut cookies chocolate cookies with hazelnutginger kissescinnamon scroll cookies


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