peanut butter brownies

peanutbutter brownies raw new years eve startet comfy with a fondue with friends. i love fondue and usually we only have it on christmas eve. but last year i had it 3 times within 2 months. awesome! 🙂 since the others made arrangements for the fondue, i, of course, brought dessert (i also brought some nibbles though – pesto twists). the others decided it should be peanut butter brownies (i also proposes chocolate panna cotta and something else i can’t remember). this was good since i still had some leftover peanut butter from the peanut chocolate fudge.

these brownies are an interesting combination of brownies with a layer of slightly salty peanut butter cream. i like it, i think the others did too 😉  Continue reading

raspberry cheese cake brownies

raspberry cream cheese browniesfinally i had time to bake something, it’s been quite a while. so i read through my cook books, magazines etc in order to find a new and exciting recipe. in the end i decided for these raspberry cheese cake brownies from cynthia barcomi (slightly changed). in any case i could bake all of her recipes from “let’s bake”. the combination of chocolaty brownies, lemony-vanilla cheese cake and raspberries is ideal. i just can’t say no to the union of two of my favorite cakes 🙂 i hope you like them as much as i do. Continue reading