no bake cheese cake with lime curd

no bake cheese cake with lime curd the lime curd i made recently tastes delicious on bread and the likes, but what else can i make with it? that’s when i thought of the great cheese cake i had in bali – they always had it in different flavors and topped with different fruit purée. i had it in mind for a while and decided on the no bake version. this one’s a bit fluffier, if you want a denser cheese cake, try leaving out the cream and instead add 1 egg. bake in oven (170°) for about 30 minutes – attention: i don’t guarantee that this works, since i haven’t tried it myself. but i’m pretty sure that it works.

instead of lime curd you can also use raspberry curd or just some fruit purée. whatever you like, is in your fridge or seasonal available. Continue reading

hugo cheese cake

hugo cheese cakethis time of year there are a lot of parties, so of course we also had a christmas party with my girls. a nice, relaxed evening with good food and lots of laughter. once again i was responsible for dessert. since i just read the special edition of lecker “christmas”, i chose the hugo cheese cake. the white cream with the green mint sugar looks just like a winter wonderland. and combined with the prosecco it’s a nice twist and just fitting for a girls night. Continue reading

nutella cheese cake

nutella cheese cakethe other day i was invited to a thanksgiving dinner – a huge turkey with 10 kg and all the sides and stuffing you could ask for. it was delicious and a really nice evening. of course i also brought something i opted for dessert. since i just baked all my christmas cookies that week i wasn’t that keen on spending much time in the kitchen. that’s when i remembered an episode of nigella lawson where she made a nutella cheese cake. after a quick google search i found the recipe (slightly changed it)- it was really quick to make, tasted yummy but definitely isn’t the best option if you wanna loose weight, what with one full glass of nutella 😉

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raspberry cheese cake brownies

raspberry cream cheese browniesfinally i had time to bake something, it’s been quite a while. so i read through my cook books, magazines etc in order to find a new and exciting recipe. in the end i decided for these raspberry cheese cake brownies from cynthia barcomi (slightly changed). in any case i could bake all of her recipes from “let’s bake”. the combination of chocolaty brownies, lemony-vanilla cheese cake and raspberries is ideal. i just can’t say no to the union of two of my favorite cakes 🙂 i hope you like them as much as i do. Continue reading