brownie cherry cheesecake bites

brownie cherry cheesecakei think there mustn’t be said much – the combination of my favorites brownies, cheesecake while also fruit due to the cherries. what more do you want? you can either cut the cake into small bites or in mid-sized pieces (believe me you don’t need more 😉 ). especially with the bite version it looks nice to drizzle the chocolate finish separately on top of every piece. however you can also pour the chocolate cream on top of the whole cake and cut after it firmed up. i use philadelphia as my choice of cream cheese. although i normally buy organic, the organic ones usually are a bit salted and thus don’t give the right flavor. philadelphia seems to be the most neutral one.

since i made those brownies for a birthday party and transporting them bite sized wouldn’t have been such a good idea, i don’t have great pictures. but rest assured, you really should try this recipe!!

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cheesecake crumble muffins

cheesecake crumble muffinsi’m baking quite frequently, but it feels like ages that i tried a new recipe. i was rather craving some of the classics like marble cake, egg liqueur cake, brownies etc. however since i wanted to post something new for you guys, i “forced” 😉 myself to try out something different. the decision fell on cheesecake crumble muffins – a combination of some of my favorites. besides it is high season for fresh fruits right now – i used peaches (skinned), but you can also use apricots, nectarines, the last strawberries, blueberries, cherries and and and. in fall/winter you can fall back on canned fruits. if you’d rather have a not so chocolatey version (but who would want that??), substitute the cocoa with flour. also make the double amount of crumble so you have something for a rainy day. freeze them what’s left over and if you have a craving for something sweet, put some fruits in a baking pan, add some sugar, sprinkle generously with frozen crumbles and bake in hot oven – soooo yummy.

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oreo cheesecake cupcakes

oreo cheesecake cupcakesdoes that sound familiar: you see a recipe and think, i have that make that now. that’s how i felt when i saw these oreo cheesecake cupcakes in the current issue of “mutti kocht am besten”. no sooner said, than done and the cupcakes actually were in the oven the next day. i adjusted the recipe marginally. especially for the topping i would plan more time and let it set for a couple of hours – otherwise it is way to liquid to spread on the cupcakes. you could also make it the same way as in my grandma’s chocolate cake and whip the ganache – that way you get a light and fluffy topping 🙂

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double cheesecake with caramel and chocolate

double cheesecake with chocolate and carameli’ve been meaning to bake this double cheesecake for quite a while now, but i never had a really good opportunity. it’s not ideal to just make half of it and it’s not really good to freeze either. last saturday the time finally came, i was invited to a party and i just had to try this recipe. this cheesecake was on the cover of “lecker bakery nr. 1 2014” and looked just mouthwatering. especially the icinigs of caramel and chocolate give an extra layer of taste. the cheesecake is made quickly, should set over night though. when making the caramel icing you need to be extra careful and definitly stay put at the stove. other than that it’s a piece of cake 😉 i hope you like it as much as i did.

since i took the cheesecake to a party, i didn’t have good photo opps there to make a nice pic of the cut cake. however i think you get the picture.

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