puff pastry twists with ham

puff pastry twists with hamlast saturday i finally attended the lichterfest at the alte donau. for those of you who don’t know what that is: the alte donau (old danube) then is full of boats, all lighted in some way with candles and such and when it’s dark there are also fireworks. we were a bigger group, had 4 paddleboats a where busy paddling around beforehand. of course that makes everyone quite hungra and everyone brought something along picknick-style. my contribution where onion jam rolls, meat balls with tzatziki and puff pastry twists with ham. the latter are easy to make in a bigger quantity and for vegetarians just make them with cheese and herbs (i wouldn’t use tomato paste in this case). they are similar to the pizza spirals but still different. i made 2 portions (so 2 rolls of puff pastry) – they were gone in the blink of an eye 🙂 they are also a hit at every party and totally easy. you can also use mustard instead of tomato paste (wouldn’t use herbs here, since in my opinion they don’t go well with mustard).

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pumpkin muffins with feta

pumpkin feta muffins i’m trying, at least at the beginning of the week, to prepare my lunches for the office. since i only work “part time” (which often means 5 pm, if i don’t have a yoga class scheduled), my time needs to be used efficiently. so there mostly is no time to go out to eat and usually i have a quick bite to eat in between the office and the yoga studio. perfect to take to the office (or as fingerfood at a party) are savory muffins. i already posted a recipe with zucchini, this time you’ll get a version with pumpkin, feta, pecan nuts and sundried tomatoes. i was positively surprised how moist and more importantly delicious the muffins were. the original recipe said it would yield 6 muffins, but i got 9 (way too many for me). that’s why, much to the pleasure of my colleagues, i took them to the office 🙂 of course you can change the ingredients to your hearts desire e.g. add ham, salami, walnuts, different herbs etc.

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savory pastries with ham

savory pastries with hamsince the fall happening at tante fanny was canceled, i received a very nice package with their products, a pumpkin and a bottle of wine. i use puff pastry a lot but usually for pizza, quiche or simply filled with jam. somehow i was in the mood to try something different, that’s why i made these savory pastries with ham. do you know the feeling when you know exactly how something is supposed to taste but aren’t 100% sure how to make it? that’s how it was for me with these savory pastries. i’ve eaten them plenty of times and a long time ago also really liked the frozen kind, but for some reason i never made them myself. although it’s so easy and the perfect fingerfood for a party or in my case as a snack 🙂

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savory muffins

savory muffinsone more time muffins, this time in a savory version. since i got a bit sloppy with my diet due to rushing home from the office, grabbing a bite to eat and then running to teach yoga, i had to act. that’s why i now prepare my office lunch the day before. to get some inspiration i got 2 books with lots of office lunch ideas.

first i made these savory muffins with zucchini, feta and sundried tomatoes. just to my liking, they are quite handy and easy to transport. of course you can make a mini version of them as well, that way they are the perfect fingerfood for a party or a snack.

the basis of these muffins can of course be refined however you like it – depending on what you have in your fridge or what you’re craving.

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empanadaswhen flipping through the jamie magazine i discovered this recipe for empanadas and immediately was red-hot for them. i really like south american food (even if if i barely cook it myself) and the idea behind these filled dumplings – just using what you’ve got on hand – is really practical. that way you can create something new everytime, be it using different spices, using chicken or minced meat or making a sweet version. empanadas are as varied as your imagination.

the recipe called for eating them hot, when they are definitely best, but also cold on the next day they still were to die for. especially now with the soccer championship going on, empanadas are a perfect snack for watching the game together or as fingerfood at a party (maybe make them smaller then). serve this variaty eg with some sour cream or a homemade tomato chutney.

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mini corn dogs

mini corn dogsi love american cakes – brownies, cookies & co, but not only the sweet varieties but also the savory ones. and for that the books of cynthia barcomi is just perfect. in “let’s b ake” you’ll also find some savory bites like these mini corn dorgs. around here there aren’t really common, but i’d say they are a version of the german pigs in blankets, but even more hearty due to the polenta in the dough. i just love this comibination! they are a perfect fingerfood for a party, kids will love them and are also a great addition for a picknick (yes we can already think about that again, temperatures are rising 🙂 ). according to the recipe also corn kernels should be added to the dough, but since i don’t like them that much, i left them out.

i would let the dough sit for 20-30 min before baking. that way the polenta can swell, i think the corn dogs are a bit hard otherwise. if you don’t have a mini muffinform at home, you of course can use a normal sized one. however i’d recommend using as small a form you have, otherwise the proportion of dough and sausage aren’t ideal. also it looks nicer when you place the sausage pieces upright into the muffin, but for eating it is better to put them in lengthwise – so you have a bit of everything with every bite.

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onion jam rolls

fluffy onion jam scrollsalready when i made the onion jam, i thought of making these onion jam rolls. ever since i ate these delicious cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting in bali (which are on my to-cook/bake list since 2 years), i am a fan of them. you can fill the yeast dough to your hearts desire, be it with cinnamon/sugar, nuts, jam, chocolate (!) or like in this case with a savory filling (othere versions eg with different kinds of pesto, spreads,…). the dough for these savory rolls is like a pizza dough. i think it’s brilliant how the rolls rise in the form, before they are baked. you can literally watch them grow. btw they taste best when they are fresh.

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perfect for bbq season – tomato butter

grilled baguette with tomato butteri don’t know how it is for you, but a bbq without some scrumptous bread is just not the real deal. on the one hand i like a ciabatta with sundried tomatoes but also a baguette with some herb butter. when i was making the savory palmiers the other day, i made some more of the tomato pesto (without the cheese) and just mixed it with butter. so easy, but oh so tasty. of course you can also season the butter with herbs, curry, paprika or whatever else you think of. i form the butter into a string, wrap it in cling wrap and place it in the freezer. that way it keeps quite a while and you always have some on stock. every once in a while i even just toast a piece of bread and spread it with this butter. so also a perfect snack 🙂

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palmiers with tomatoes and fresh herbs

savory short crust with tomatoes and herbsi just got the new book “cookies” from cynthia barcomi and i love it! tons of – surprise – cookie recipes both sweet and savory.

i always love me some savory cookies – perfect as a snack if you have just that tiny appetit for something salty. the polenta gives the dough a nice crunch and harmonizes perfectly with the tangy filling. also perfect to prepare ahead of time, the dough can stay in the fridge for about 3 days. the palmiers can e.g. either be an alternative snack for a movie night or also perfect for a party.

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savory scones

savory sconesnow that it’s acctually getting colder, one (or at least i do) is more in the mood for hearty food. usually you probably think of sweets, clotted cream and jam when talking about scones. but why not a savory version for once? with hearty ham, cheese, leek and a mustard sauce – delicious! at the end of the year the occasions for parties are staggering, so this recipe is awesome to enrich a buffet in an easy way – easy to prepare and then just a bit in the oven to re-warm. you can also form the scones smaller, so each party guest has a bite-sized morsel. you can also freeze the baked scones, that way you always have something in the freezer for surprise guests or for a snack during the day (or after a night out 😉 ). Continue reading