pasta with a creamy sauce

pasta with creamy saucealthough i just had 3 weeks vacation, i still didn’t get around to post something. instead i extensively relished my new roof top terrace, a bit of downtime was necessary. have you experienced that, even though you had plenty of time even the smallest tasks were a huge effort and it is very hard to motivate oneself? i have that feeling every so often. i remember my semester abroad in melbourne: we had classes monday afternoon and wednesday noon and the rest of the week was up to us. every time i had to do some home work or write a thesis it was an enormous effort to do so. anyways, first world problems… 😉

when i was thinking of what to cook this weekend, i was looking through my recipe folder. just when i was thinking that something with minced meat and a creamy sauce would be quite nice, this recipe popped up on the next side. sometimes that’s really spooky. the recipe is from the magazine lecker, a bit adapted. might be a bit better suited for when fall really sets in, but doesn’t diminish the taste now.

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empanadaswhen flipping through the jamie magazine i discovered this recipe for empanadas and immediately was red-hot for them. i really like south american food (even if if i barely cook it myself) and the idea behind these filled dumplings – just using what you’ve got on hand – is really practical. that way you can create something new everytime, be it using different spices, using chicken or minced meat or making a sweet version. empanadas are as varied as your imagination.

the recipe called for eating them hot, when they are definitely best, but also cold on the next day they still were to die for. especially now with the soccer championship going on, empanadas are a perfect snack for watching the game together or as fingerfood at a party (maybe make them smaller then). serve this variaty eg with some sour cream or a homemade tomato chutney.

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indian coconut chickpea curry

coconut chickpea curry when i made this coconut chickpea curry for the first time, i was thrilled that it actually tasted indian. like our goulash it tastes even better the next day. typical for indian dishes there are tons of spices in it. don’t be scared by that. in the past i didn’t use a lot of spices either (except paprika, some herbs and so on), but now i’ve got more than 40 different kinds of these flavor explosions/enhancers. i does make a lot of difference if you e.g. use some cumin or not. especially when seasoning you have to rely on your own taste. so the amounts of spices in the ingredients is more like a guideline and can be more or less at times. just experiment a little.

the coconut milk from dr. goerg makes the curry smooth and gives this extra kick. for frying i used their coconut oil, because it just fits perfectly and you can roast the spices in it, without the oil overheating. if you want more information about dr. goerg check my post “coco loco“.

you can serve the curry with rice or like me with an indian flatbreat. it is quickly made and i just love to dip the bread into the curry.

the curry itself is vegan, however i added some minced meat. so just don’t use that for the vegetarian/vegan option. you also can use whatever veggies you want or have in the fridge. Continue reading

spanish tapas – albondigas

albondigasisn’t lovely to spend a nice summer night outdoors in your garden or on your balcony, eat a bite here and there, have a good glass of wine and a conversation with your best friend. what better than some spanish tapas or italian antipasti? south europeans just know their business when it comes to good, uncomplicated food. as to not spend too much time in the kitchen in the evening, you prepare some simple, small dishes like albondigas (meat balls with tomato sauce). i love them and always wanted to make them myself. you can also freeze the dish in small portions once it’s cooked – that way you always have a snack handy for surprise guests.

for everyone who doesn’t know what tapas are – those are small dishes that are served in spanish bars. usually you order several different ones. they come along in all different varieties like patatas braves (roasted potatoe cubes with a spice red sauce), dates rolled in ham, seafood skewers, gazpacho …

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