strawberry chocolate oreo tarte

small strawberry chocolate oreo tartestrawberry season is finally here and you find the small red fruits everywhere. so far i haven’t gotten any that come close to my childhood memories, i actually haven’t in years, but the still taste great 🙂 mostly i eat them just as they are, with a vanilla creme fraiche, puréed (for me they taste more intense that way) or as strawberry ice cream. for more strawberry recipes look here.

but somehow i craved something new, so i was delighted when i got the inspiration to this strawberry chocolate oreo tarte on instagram. one can never go wrong with chocolate, oreos are amazing and everything together makes for a very tasty, if very heavy, tarte. i based it on my chocolate raspberry tarte.

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oreo cheesecake cupcakes

oreo cheesecake cupcakesdoes that sound familiar: you see a recipe and think, i have that make that now. that’s how i felt when i saw these oreo cheesecake cupcakes in the current issue of “mutti kocht am besten”. no sooner said, than done and the cupcakes actually were in the oven the next day. i adjusted the recipe marginally. especially for the topping i would plan more time and let it set for a couple of hours – otherwise it is way to liquid to spread on the cupcakes. you could also make it the same way as in my grandma’s chocolate cake and whip the ganache – that way you get a light and fluffy topping 🙂

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