raspberry mascarpone knots

raspberry mascarpone knots last week my instagram feed was full of cinnamon rolls in all different kinds. that really stirred my appetite, so i made some the next day. inspired by das knusperstübchen i thought about my version. since it was saturday night, i took mental stock of my kitchen and found that i had frozen raspberries and mascarpone. that’s why (besides that i love that combination) i made these knots with a raspberry mascarpone cream. since i still had some white chocolate from my pineapple coconut pralines, i grated some on top of the cream and also added some desiccated coconut to some. it was delicious!! when you look at the pics, you see that the knots actually were formed really nicely and rose quite nice as well. i don’t know what happened in the oven that they spread so far out. i think they would have needed a higher temperature, which i accounted for in the recipe already.

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double chocolate muffins

double chocolate muffinsfor the night of the shooting stars we made a picknick at a field in neuwaldegg (vienna). besides wraps, humus, potato spread and pesto twists something sweet was a must of course. muffins were requested, with chocolate and nuts. since i hadn’t made any in quite a while and i wanted to try a new recipe anyways (the one i used so far got me more cakey muffins and not the soft, moist ones you’re used to), it fit perfectly. after some searching i found something on an english blog. i adapted the recipe to my needs – so i added chopped pecans (you can use any nuts you like) to half of the dough and, surprise, surprise, raspberries to the other half. especially the raspberry chocolate muffins were extremly moist, kinda like my raspberry brownies. my definite favorite, but the ones with nuts were naturally pretty good as well.

for the picknick i could finally use my picknick basket. it was slumbering unused in my closet for 8 years and finally it had its time to shine 🙂 it was a perfect night. die view wasn’t ideal – there were some clouds and on one side there still was too much light from the city. nonetheless we saw plenty of shooting stars.

these muffins are also perfect for parties or all occasions were you want to take something uncomplicated with you.

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granola with raspberries, chocolate and greek yoghurt

raspberry muesli with chocolate and joghurtthis breakfast version made a necessity out of virtue – i unfortunately didn’t have any fresh fruits at home, but i wanted a fruity muesli nonetheless. since i, thank heavens, always have frozen raspberries at home, i only neede a quick way to defrost them. so i just put them in a pot and heated them until they fell apart. originally i wanted to let them cool down, because i wasn’t sure of the effect the hot raspberries would have on the consistency of my crunchy granola. but my hunger was victorious and so i put them into the muesli bowl directly from the stove. since i also coincidentially (not) had some  chocolate shaves, i had already mixed them with the muesli, which was the best idea ever. due to the heat the chocolate melted (obviously, but i didn’t think about that before) with the result of a very raspberry-y yoghurt with chocolate flavor. as usual: the best things in the kitchen happen by chance or accidentially 🙂 it is a rather healthy breakfast (minus the chocolate) or just a nice treat anytime you want it.

the amounts of the ingredients are just a rough guideline, i usually just pour in how much i feel like and it also depends on the size of your muesli bowl.

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donuts variationdonuts are, or have been, all the rave at the moment. you also found recipes in various cooking magazines. with the opening of dunkin donuts in vienna i couldn’t get around it anymore. although i haven’t even eaten them when i was in the states and they didn’t look all that appealing to me in the store here either (unbelievable that people acctually stood in line for hours for that). in my opinion the glazes look too artificial. according to my friends that taste isn’t all that it’s made out to be either. so i though, it doesn’t look that hard, so i’ll see if i can make some that are better. especially the recipe in the current lecker bakery look enticing, particularly the raspberry glaze.

if you also want to try your hand on homemade donuts, plan enough time. the dough has to rise at least 5,5 hours. so it’s a project for a whole day. i started at 8 in the morning with the dough and at 4 pm the donuts were done and ready to be glazed. take another hour for the glaze to solidify. you see, it’s not just done in the blink of an eye.

i made 3 different kinds: some with chocolate glaze, raspberry glaze and rolled in cinnamon sugar. i couldn’t really decide which ones i likes best, they all were amazing. especially the donut holes with cinnamon sugar were just perfect!

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raspberry coconut crumble

raspberry coconut crumblefor all i care it could be spring already (and then summer instantly). with this raspberry coconut crumble it is not hard to get some spring feelings on your plate though.

in this recipe i first used coconut flour (from dr. goerg). the smell alone when i opened the package was incredible. total caribbean feeling! the flour itself is slightly brown, smells pleasantly of coconut and is slighly nutty in taste. in every recipe you can substitute up to 20 % of grain flour with coconut flour (so if you don’t have the coconut one at home, just use normal flour). it adds a special aroma to the cake and since it is high in nutrients it’s practically healthy. so a good explanation why i had to bake a cake again 😉 for more information on coconut flour, other coconut products and recipes check my post “coco loco“.

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chocolate raspberry tarte

chocolate raspberry tarteon saturday a good friend invited to her birthday party. and how else should it be, i baked her something of course. she said, she would like something with fruits and eg really liked my raspberry cheese cake brownies. after some thinking i decided to make this raspberry chocolate tarte. i still had some fresh shortcrust dough from tante fanny (from an awesome food photography workshop a bit ago), so i knew it will definitely be a tarte. since it’s hard for me to bake something without chocolate, i thought i just fill it with the ganache that i usually make raspberry chocolate truffels out of. due to the acid of the raspberries it really doesn’t taste that heavy and they add incredible flavor to the chocolate. i did want to garnish the tarte with some fresh raspberries, but forgot to buy them. since it was a public holiday no store was open. so just imagine them on top 😉 the tarte was gone within 5 minutes. so i think it was ok 🙂

unfortunately i couldn’t make pictures of the ready tarte at home, since i couldn’t lift the tarte from the form by myself and at the party it was too quickly gone.

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chocolate panna cotta

chocolate panna cotta with raspberrieson the first day of christmas we have a big family lunch. we usually have a chicken roast with dumplings, potatoes and salads – hmmm! since we still had tons of christmas cookies, enough baked goods, we wanted something different for dessert. after some heavy thinking i decided on a chocolate panna cotta. generally like a pudding (custard), but since it’s made entirely out of cream it is a finer version. the chopped hazelnuts and raspberrie puree add some extra bliss. since this dessert is best made the day before (it actually has to be made a day in advance), it is perfect for parties. the glasses look nice and you have pre-defined portions. Continue reading

raspberry cheese cake brownies

raspberry cream cheese browniesfinally i had time to bake something, it’s been quite a while. so i read through my cook books, magazines etc in order to find a new and exciting recipe. in the end i decided for these raspberry cheese cake brownies from cynthia barcomi (slightly changed). in any case i could bake all of her recipes from “let’s bake”. the combination of chocolaty brownies, lemony-vanilla cheese cake and raspberries is ideal. i just can’t say no to the union of two of my favorite cakes 🙂 i hope you like them as much as i do. Continue reading

raspberry chocolate cake

raspberry chocolate cakein an issue of gusto i found an amazing recipe from herwig gasser. since it was my mums birthday, i used this occasion to try this raspberry chocolate cake. all in all the cake wasn’t that difficult to make, but it was very time intensive due to the cooling periods. however it was well worth the effort, the result didn’t only look beautiful but also tasted heavenly.

i only changed the recipe for the chocolate cream, since i wanted a pure one (without balsamic vinegar) and it was a bit too liquid for me. if you don’t have a special sieve to strain the raspberries, use the waiting time while baking the brownie crust and the thickening of the chocolate cream to strain the raspberries. because if you do it manually with a spoon etc. through a sieve it takes quite a while.

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summer fruits – berry jam

berry jam

mhmm those glorious fruits in summer time. if you’re lucky and get good, sweet, ripe ones, there is nothing better. since i would also like to have some of this deliciouness during fall and winter, i tried for the first time to make jam. it was surprisingly easy and the result was actually quite good. so go get some goodies and have at it!

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