strawberry chocolate oreo tarte

small strawberry chocolate oreo tartestrawberry season is finally here and you find the small red fruits everywhere. so far i haven’t gotten any that come close to my childhood memories, i actually haven’t in years, but the still taste great 🙂 mostly i eat them just as they are, with a vanilla creme fraiche, puréed (for me they taste more intense that way) or as strawberry ice cream. for more strawberry recipes look here.

but somehow i craved something new, so i was delighted when i got the inspiration to this strawberry chocolate oreo tarte on instagram. one can never go wrong with chocolate, oreos are amazing and everything together makes for a very tasty, if very heavy, tarte. i based it on my chocolate raspberry tarte.

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strawberry panna cotta with chocolate

strawberry panna cotta with chocolate saucefor christmas we traditionally have fondue on the 24th just with my immediate family and on the 25th when the rest of the family is here we have roasted chicken with bread dumplings. for dessert it is my job to come up with something. last year i made a chocolate raspberry tarte and 2 years ago we had a chocolate panna cotta. this year i kind of flipped the latter around and i made a strawberry panna cotta with a base of chocolate sauce. something fruity, but of course chocolate couldn’t be missed 😉 you can prepare it the day before – in fact you actually should since the panna cotta needs time to set – and therefore have time on the big day for other things.

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strawberry mascarpone ice cream with chocolate

strawberry mascarpone ice cream with chocolatesince a short while you can finally get austrian strawberries. the flavor ist still not that intense, but it is a good start (or maybe i was just unlucky in choosing my fruits). nonetheless i had to make ice cream with them. last year i made a similar version, but this year i experimented a bit and i was very satisfied with the result. my first try was on a heavy cream basis, so without egg, which i find makes the ice cream a bit heavy and it also easier builds ice crystals. that’s why i made kind of a tiramisu cream this time and made it into ice cream in the ice machine – amazing! you just have to add enough strawberries to get an aromatic ice cream. if you want you can add like me molten chocolate, of course it’s not a must. but i find that the crisp chocolate is a very good contrast to the smooth ice cream. if you like fruit pieces in your ice, you can also add some cut strawberries. i think this ice cream basis would also be very good with other fruits like raspberries, peaches, blueberries, etc. just try it. i also posted a recipe for a yummy peach-coconut ice cream. Continue reading

strawberry syrup

strawberry syrupsince i missed elderflower season and therefore didn’t make an elderflower syrup (next year for sure!), i had to at least make this strawberry syrup. it is slightly more unusual then the elderflower one and is perfect for pudding, with yoghurt or vanilla ice cream or just mixed with water (or with sparkling wine/champagne) as a drink. the preparation is a bit longer, because the strawberries need to drip through a cheesecloth. if you don’t have one at home, can’t find one in a shop (i constantly was told, they don’t have it), just ask for a cloth diaper, then you get what you need (they usually have them in drug stores, big supermarkets). Continue reading

chocolate cream with strawberry purée

chocolate cream with strawberriesthe other day i was thinking of more ways to use strawberries, ideally in combination with chocolate. immediatly the parisian cream from my favorite chocolate cake sprang to mind. then combine it with some ladyfingers and strawberry purée – the perfect chocolate tiramisu for me 🙂

keep in mind that the chocolate cream needs a couple of hours or over night to set, so start in time.

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summer fruits – berry jam

berry jam

mhmm those glorious fruits in summer time. if you’re lucky and get good, sweet, ripe ones, there is nothing better. since i would also like to have some of this deliciouness during fall and winter, i tried for the first time to make jam. it was surprisingly easy and the result was actually quite good. so go get some goodies and have at it!

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