berry coconut tarte

berry coconut tarteit’s amazing how much it already feels like summer. just a bit ago it was still pretty cold and now practically summer is here. awesome 🙂 the terrace is already all set up and thanks to my nice neighbors i now also have a jacuzzi, life at its best (especially since there are so many public holidays in may, i have vacation feeling right at my doorstep). yesterday i put my tomatoes and paprikas in pots outside. they were growing so fast and urgently needed more space to spread their roots. so cross your fingers that it won’t be freezing during the night anymore so they flourish and bear lots of fruits.

a perfect fit for this weather are fruity cakes. everywhere you see recipes with berries these days. also on my blog you find some like blueberry chocolate dessert, strawberry chocolate oreo tarte, strawberry mascarpone ice cream, strawberry pralines, strawberry panna cotta or blueberry ice cream to name just a few. i saw the recipe for this berry coconut tarte in the “frisch gekocht”. without baking you don’t have to sweat in the kitchen and the combination of coconut and almonds with berries and lime give you this fruity, fresh, zesty and light flavor. originally the cream is a mixture of blueberries and blackberries, but since the latter weren’t available i substituted them with raspberries. what a delight!

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strawberry chocolate oreo tarte

small strawberry chocolate oreo tartestrawberry season is finally here and you find the small red fruits everywhere. so far i haven’t gotten any that come close to my childhood memories, i actually haven’t in years, but the still taste great 🙂 mostly i eat them just as they are, with a vanilla creme fraiche, puréed (for me they taste more intense that way) or as strawberry ice cream. for more strawberry recipes look here.

but somehow i craved something new, so i was delighted when i got the inspiration to this strawberry chocolate oreo tarte on instagram. one can never go wrong with chocolate, oreos are amazing and everything together makes for a very tasty, if very heavy, tarte. i based it on my chocolate raspberry tarte.

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chocolate raspberry tarte

chocolate raspberry tarteon saturday a good friend invited to her birthday party. and how else should it be, i baked her something of course. she said, she would like something with fruits and eg really liked my raspberry cheese cake brownies. after some thinking i decided to make this raspberry chocolate tarte. i still had some fresh shortcrust dough from tante fanny (from an awesome food photography workshop a bit ago), so i knew it will definitely be a tarte. since it’s hard for me to bake something without chocolate, i thought i just fill it with the ganache that i usually make raspberry chocolate truffels out of. due to the acid of the raspberries it really doesn’t taste that heavy and they add incredible flavor to the chocolate. i did want to garnish the tarte with some fresh raspberries, but forgot to buy them. since it was a public holiday no store was open. so just imagine them on top 😉 the tarte was gone within 5 minutes. so i think it was ok 🙂

unfortunately i couldn’t make pictures of the ready tarte at home, since i couldn’t lift the tarte from the form by myself and at the party it was too quickly gone.

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italian lemon ricotta tarte

lemon ricotta tarte

especially in summer fresh desserts are amazing. this tarte isn’t really on the light side, but due to the lemon it get’s a fresh, fruity aroma and you don’t notice what heavy cake you’re eating 😉 if in winter you’re longing for summer, sun & beach, you maybe can bridge the time until then with this tarte. instead of lemon juice you can also use orange juice, whatever you feel like. Continue reading

paprika tomato tarte

paprika tomaten tartein summer you want to spend as less time as possible in the hot kitchen, but still have something delicious to eat. this tarte doesn’t take long, tastes hot and cold and is rather light (besides the puff pastry). it’s perfect when you’re expecting guests. just prepare and when the guests arrive put it in the oven or make it ahead of time and serve it cold eg. as an appetizer with a cool drink.

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summer fruits – nectarine tarte

nectarine tartesince i ate too much pineapple, watermelon, mango, papaya, etc. in bali, my first supermarket visit back home was like a land of milk and honey for me. finally i had a huge choice in fruits again. nectarines, peaches, different berries, apples, pears … i didn’t know where to start. of course i bought way too much then, so i made a tarte out of the vast quantities of nectarines 🙂 Continue reading

french dinner party

this week we had a french dinner party at my place. everyone was responsible for one course and here are the delicious results:

as a starter we had goat cheese au gratin with salad

goat cheese au gratinthe main course was blanquette de veau (french veal fricassee)

Blanquette de veauand last but not least a tarte au citron

tarte au citronsince everything was so yummy we ate waaay too much, but it was well worth it. thanks for a great evening girls!